A Partnership of Health & Community Resources


Welcome to CareLink

CareLink is a nonprofit management service organization that provides key strategic business activities to its members and consultation services to other health care providers. CareLink has served its members since 1997. Our members have benefited from the collaboration, shared learning and business opportunities afforded through the CareLink alliance.

Mission & Vision Statement:

CareLink’s mission is to lead its members in the development of a high quality, responsive and relevant aging services network that cares for adults with complex health issues.

Our vision is that CareLink and its members will create and implement innovative solutions within the health care system that make a positive impact on the lives of adults living with complex health issues.

If you are seeking services for a loved one, visit our network listing. If you are seeking assistance as a provider or wanting to become a member of CareLink, simply click on the menu items to find what you need.