Why Partner with CareLink?

With CareLink as your Preferred Provider Network, you can take comfort in knowing that our elite providers meet specific quality and service standards. We work with our members on Clinical Programming to better manage your complex clients with illnesses and conditions within a defined population. CareLink also provides comprehensive Care Management for your system’s high-risk, high-cost populations.

Well-positioned in the long-term and community care industry with a reputation for being smart, responsive, and capable, CareLink is a trusted partner in managing complex client cases throughout the network. We hold ourselves accountable to quantifiable standards so you can recognize higher quality outcomes and financial savings while operating more efficiently.

What We Provide

  • Experience managing value-based purchasing (VBP) models
  • Willingness to take on complex clients
  • Willingness to share financial risk
  • Financial savings
  • Optimized efficiency

CareLink is your comprehensive resource – the vehicle through which change can happen with just one conversation. Complete the form to start your conversation today.

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