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With CareLink as your Preferred Provider Network, you can take comfort in knowing that our providers meet specific quality and service standards. Your complex clients receive the highest quality supports and services based on their individual needs, and transitions throughout the network are closely monitored and managed to prevent gaps in care. We have the infrastructure and experience to improve and manage your clients’ care at every stage under a network and a fixed fee model.

We work with our members on Clinical Programming to better manage your complex clients with illnesses and conditions within a defined population. We collaborate with hospital systems and payers to analyze and streamline certain processes with the goal of improved population health. Our data management system collects outcome and population health data from providers and reports on quality performance and results, demonstrating the care delivery system’s impact. As a result, patient care and health within a particular diagnostic category improve and partners receive quality outcomes at lower costs with greater efficiency.

CareLink can provide comprehensive Care Management for your system’s high-risk, high-cost populations. We work to eliminate gaps in care and educate your clients on how to access the right care setting, which means fewer incidences and costs per client. Our case management team assesses clients individually to identify the biggest social determinants preventing them from getting the care, medications, and supports they need. The team then creates, manages, and educates each client on his or her individualized action plan. CareLink also provides care coordination, working with the clinical staff of our member facilities to identify and share best practices and improve care transitions between facilities.

Other partner services include:

  • Innovations Rehab which provides full-service rehabilitation, wellness and exercise programs, massage therapy, outpatient therapy, and educational programs to adult day centers, assisted living communities, home care, skilled nursing facilities, and hospice;
  • Wisdom Tooth Mobile Dentistry which provides on-site dental care to over 50 nursing homes, as well as assisted living residences and PACE Organization of Rhode Island;
  • Consultation and Business Development which provides strategic planning, board development and education, business planning, temporary management, program audits, staff education, and team building; and
  • Management Services which leverages CareLink’s operational expertise to provide management services, operational support, fiscal oversight, and board development for small non-profits.

Well-positioned in the long-term and community care industry with a reputation for being smart, responsive, and capable, CareLink is a trusted partner in managing complex client cases throughout the network. We hold ourselves accountable to quantifiable standards so you can recognize higher quality outcomes and financial savings while operating more efficiently.

CareLink is your comprehensive resource – the vehicle through which change can happen with just one conversation.

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