Care Management

CareLink provides comprehensive Care Management for high-risk, high-cost populations, including case management for your medically complex clients and care coordination for patients traversing the network. CareLink’s suite of case management professionals is comprised of experienced nurses, social workers, community health workers, and case managers. The expert team assesses clients individually to identify the biggest social determinants (e.g. lack of food, limited or no transportation, unsafe housing) that are preventing them from accessing the care, medications, and supports needed.

The case management team then creates and manages individualized action plans to ensure clients get the resources they need, when they need them, and educates clients on how to access the right setting of care.

The team also provides care coordination, working with the clinical staff of our member providers to identify and share best practices and improve care transitions between facilities. This ensures that all patient care information is communicated to the next provider and a follow-up appointment is scheduled with a primary care provider. Additionally, we pursue innovative grant and pilot projects that foster our members’ growth and provide opportunities to contribute to the improvement of the care system.

We are smart and capable, embracing newfound challenges with a “can do” attitude and addressing them with innovative solutions. By managing your high-risk, high-cost, and medically complex clients, eliminating gaps in care, and educating the population, the frequency of incidences and costs per client decrease.

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