Wisdom Tooth Mobile Dentistry

Food is at the core of cultural and celebratory milestones for many, but for seniors, eating can be one of the last remaining fundamental pleasures in life that hinges upon proper oral health. Decreased physical mobility and a lack of transportation are growing global issues preventing seniors from getting the care they need. To address this in our own community, CareLink designed Wisdom Tooth Mobile Dentistry to provide convenient and efficient on-site accessibility to routine oral care.

Our mobile office comes to your facility on the date clients are scheduled to receive care. The Wisdom Tooth Mobile Dentistry team has over 250 years of combined experience and is comprised of dentists, hygienists, and dental assistants. Provided diagnostic, preventative, and palliative services include:

  • cleanings and fluoride treatments;
  • limited, comprehensive, and problem-focused oral evaluations;
  • radiography and diagnostic imaging services; and
  • denture fittings and repairs.

Emergency consultation is available when clients are experiencing mouth pain, swelling, and/or bleeding. Response is provided within 1 business day.

The benefits of Wisdom Tooth Mobile Dentistry extend beyond the experience of eating. With timely and accessible oral health care, seniors can be more confident and self-assured while maintaining a high-quality life filled with functional independence, opportunities for social engagement, and meaningful communication.

Over 90% of clients enrolled in Wisdom Tooth were not previously receiving regular oral health care. Without proper oral health care:

  • untreated mouth pain – often the first sign of infection – can lead to other medical conditions;
  • systemic diseases like diabetes and heart disease may worsen;
  • social isolation and depression may develop;
  • ill-fitting dentures can lead to decreased consumption of fiber-rich foods and, ultimately, weight loss; and
  • common medications like antihypertensives and antipsychotics may diminish salivary flow, increasing the risk of tooth decay and eventual tooth loss.

Who Is Eligible?

Wisdom Tooth Mobile Dentistry is available to residents of participating facilities and PACE Organization of Rhode Island enrollees. Residents are eligible after residing in the facility for 45 days; PACE Organization of Rhode Island participants are eligible upon enrollment. Wisdom Tooth accepts Medicaid and private pay at an all-inclusive encounter rate.

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