Join Our Team

As an equal opportunity employer, CareLink employs over 3,000 individuals throughout Rhode Island. Holding true to our core values, we’re the employer of choice for those passionate about improving the lives of adults with complex health issues.

Our Values

We go the extra mile for our partners, for our members, and for each other.

We lead innovation in the aging post-acute care industry and are sought after to define “what’s next.”

We accomplish more together for our partners, for our members, and for each other than we ever could individually.

We are the stronghold in the aging services community; partners and members rely on us to best serve their clients.

We make quality care personal by working with partners to improve the lives of adults with post-acute needs. It isn’t a job; it’s at the heart of what we do.

We are available and flexible for partner and member needs when it matters most.

We are only as strong as the standards to which we hold ourselves. As part of the CareLink organization, we are brand ambassadors. We take accountability for our actions, our shared mission, and our network by operating with honesty and integrity.

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